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Hello, I am Ocean&Space

I have been wandering fandom for... woah, over 15 years apparently (more like 20, really). I had an LJ/IJ account, a DW account, several Tumblrs, Discord, ...

My current fandom 'community' is tumblr, but for the last few years (since maybe even before 2015), I have found the tumblr to be toxic and depressing. Opinions are not welcome, posts are highjacked, original content is almost non-existent except for gifs and images and those are often repeated.

In the end, like many people, I am migrating back to Dreamwidth. I decided to start a brand new blog though, as I have changed a lot since the creation of my first DW/transfer of my LJ, if only by changing my pseudo.

About me: well, I'm over 30 yo, I'm French, and I binge read fanfics and write a lot. I don't publish most of what I write, though. Okay, to be honest, I publish maybe 1 % of what I write ^_^;; I am trying to do better, but I tend to hop fandom/plot idea back and forth a lot, so I have many, many thousands of words worth of unfinished texts.

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