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 Hello there! This is a sticky post :D

I’m OceanAndSpace aka Ocean, or I am a Deep Sea Creature too.

This is a more or less private blog. I post about random stuff, fic recs, bits and pieces of my own current writing/the google docs links, fandom headcanons/ideas, sometimes rants, stuff like that.

With the rise of Purity Wankers and Antis on Tumblr, I have found a new appreciation for Journals/Blogs which can be locked down and shared only with friends. Therefore most of my posts are only visible for people who have access to my Dreamwidth.

I post about once a week, sometimes more. When it’s about fannish content, it mostly concerns Teen Wolf (Steter) or Final Fantasy VII (Sefikura). Or course, I like most other ships, those two are just my main ones :) I do not post hate/wank and I subscribe to the Golden Rule: “One should treat others as one would like others to treat oneself.

You can ask for access to this journal in the comments of this post. Just drop me a line to remind me of who you are, especially if your DW username doesn’t match your Tumblr and/or AO3 one :D


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Original Intro from here:
Hello Steterers!

Each month the Steter Network will now be posting a prompt which will contain either a word, an image, a song, or a sentence (or a combination) that we hope will get those muses flowing and inspire you to create. There is no obligation here, we just want a fun way to engage with each other and see what different ways the prompts can be used.

We have the Steter Network AO3 collection where works can be posted and/or you can mention us here on Tumblr and we will reblog your prompt fills.

We hope that you have fun with these prompts, and if you have any questions please do not hesitate to ask!

Monthly Prompts:
August 2017: SILVER

Initiative by Mysenia and OceanAndSpace
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myNoise.net logo

I seriously love this website. Really. I love to listen to sounds instead of actual songs, and this website has all sort of noises, and you can calibrate the sound to your level of earring. It has an android/mac app version too.

And all the sounds <3<3<3 Which you can mix by just having two tabs opened.

Today, I have decided that it is Cat Purr Day. With added background river water. Because it's raining and I'm (rererere...)reading a Steter fic made of fluff, yarn, tea, and cute animals, so I thought it fit ;D

Screenshot of the cat purr noise generator page

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I went to watch Voyage of Time: Life's Journey by Terrence Malick today.

This movie is *very* beautiful. Truly, magnificent images and colors.

But omg, so boring.

It took me half of the movie to catch what it was about, since I barely glanced at the summary beforehand. I love nature documentaries, so I decided to go watch it without really looking it up. I mean, you should be able to understand a movie without having read a 1000 words summary beforehand, no?


Very beautiful, but. Implied philosophic ideas, which feels a bit cowardly since nothing is actually said, Cate B. says maybe 50 disjointed words during the movie with very little interest, we might as well have no narrator, it would have had the same effect. There are many time jump back and forth with zero warning.

I loved watching the space and ocean pictures, it was magnificent. (I could have done without the insects xD ) Some animals are seriously freaky, wth.

One of my biggest problem is that since there's not really a narrator, you're show many beautiful places and animals... but you have zero context, you don't know where, you don't know what.

I feel like I should have stayed at home. The most beautiful parts were the space images, which I already have since my computer's backgrounds are Hubble photos from the NASA, and there are a lot of nature docs on Youtube which would have fulfilled my ocean needs.

I liked the parallels between nature is beauty/don't fuck it up/people should care for each other and nature, but I was so bored halfway through that I ended up barely paying attention. I was writing this review in my mind *facepalm*

On the other hand, the music is awesome, I need to look it up.

Voyage in Time by Terrence Malick
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Recently, it's been soooo hard to put words on the page. I have the ideas, barely, but making full sentences? bof.

So, today I decided that I needed to sit down and be productive, damn it.
Aaaaand. I wrote an outline, sort of? I don't even feel like I want to write more than that *facepalm*

But, here is the current idea that sounds fun to write: 
(the image is clickable for a large version of the picture)
Picture of the FFVII/SGA fusion idea
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 One of the few fandom that never died in my heart is Final Fantasy VII, and I made some awesome friends in this fandom, even still now, years later (holy shit, it’s been twenty years o.o I think that’s my oldest active fandom. Not the first, but the only one I still write/blog about and I participate since the very beginning).

Anyway, there’s StrifeSodos (Cloud/Genesis) week coming up (It’s June 18 to 24) and I didn’t intend to participate because Genesis isn’t my favorite character (I’m more like ‘meh’ about him? I don’t dislike him, but I barely know how to write him, sooo.)

But the group has been mentioning this for a while now, and today they were trying to list the FFVII events available and their dates, because we really need a calendar, and now I kind of want to participate too?

Screenshot of the corresponding tumblr post

I won’t be writing something for all the days, but I’ll try for a couple at least. Probably clothes/crossdressing because I love that prompt :D And maybe Cafe Date/Memories.

I’m going to start with the crossdressing one and go from there. Since it’s the first time that I write about this pairing, I expect that it won’t be as easy to write :D

Genesis holding the Loveless novel in Crisis Core


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So, I knew that the lastest Terms of Services of Livejournal (2017/04) had to be awful, because there was yet another immigration wave to Dreamwidth, but since I have nothing to do with it anymore, I hadn't looked them up…
Well, damn, look at that:
 photo 2017-05-05 21_21_02-LiveJournal - Fanlore_zpssk2jmmca.png

No wonder everyone left that place, fleeing as if they had the hounds of hell at their heels.

It did remind me that, oops, I had an old community still on Livejournal! What an idiot, I had forgotten about it, since it's 99.9% self-sufficient, as it's a Final Fantasy VII kink/prompt meme and there's not a lot of activity left.

Anyway, I couldn't leave it like that. So I spent the last, dear me, 4 or 5 hours importing it to Dreamwidth (which took like, 2 hot minutes), and then updating it all and cleaning links and summarizing stuff because holy moly, but I can't do 'short' to save my life.
I think it's a lot less messy than the previous incarnation.

So, if anyone wants to find/post prompts, here is a map of the community and a brand new prompting post to celebrate the move! :D

[community profile] ffvii_kink_meme, a prompt (with or without kink) community for the Compilation of Final Fantasy VII fandom.
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Recently, I felt the need to (re)read Final Fantasy VII fanfictions.

(and (re)play that game and Kingdom Hearts, but that I managed to hold back, because games like that are just too time-consuming. Also, I've already played them xxx times, so...).

This one has a lot of potential. I haven't finished it yet (and it's a wip too, last updated in July 2016), but I really like some of the basic outline ideas! I won't detail them here because of spoilers, but there's Vincent lurking, Hojo being the creepiest creep to ever creep (do I dislike that guy or what? when in doubt, blame Hojo), Cloud being badass, Zack so in love and Aerith hitting him on the end when he's being stupidly overprotective, dead assholes (yeah!). And also, Cloud's mother being badass, yes++ !

So, go read it and leave some nice words to their author. You have no idea how exciting and motivating it is to receive reviews, even (especially) on old fics. Sometimes, it's the only thing needed to get a new push and find the motivation/ideas flowing again.

to become by heathersdomain

 photo 2017-05-03 22_56_09-to become - Chapter 1 by heathersdomain Archive of Our Own_zpsnfawcjbt.png

 photo seperator__zpswfdzmo0o.png

(on the other hand, don't be a greedy, entitled asshole, leaving reviews like 'I need moar!' or 'when's the next chapter coming, I need to know what happens'. That's just stress inducing and not fun at all. From my pov (as a writer), the best reviews I get are those telling me that they loved the story, yes, but because xxx, or this xx part of the plotline is super interesting. Tell them what you liked, just not what you want. This isn't Wallmart, this is free content given by a busy person who writes what they want to write, not what you want to read.
Also, when you just wrote XX words and you get a review saying 'I need more', you're just like... 'huge sigh, I just posted a chapter and they're already hounding me for more without a word about what they liked or anything, I'm not a writing machine'. Yeah, speaking from experience).

(lol, sorry for the mini-rant, there are some reviewers lately who don't seem to understand that we aren't their writing slaves and the annoyance is building a little more, every time I get such mail, or when one of my writer friends explain how they received xx review. Sometimes, the blood boils.)

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Hello everyone, this is the first post of a brand new Dreamwidth life!

This is not my first DW. I had an LJ for the longest time, then imported everything to DW. At some point, I drifted off from the blog format to tumblr and co, but in the last few years, tumblr has grown toxic and depressing, and even violent sometimes. Think of it as a community with zero moderators and people goading each other/sending their followers on a witch hunt. Yep, no fun. Mostly, I avoided all those troubles, but even without that, a lot of people are drifting off from tumblr, so it ends up being 90 % of reblogging over reblogging with very little original content. Creators (art and fic) are often hounded by entitled consumers so strongly that there is a wave of deleting happening all across the board, from AO3 to tumblr, which I find excessively sad.

 photo tumblr_static_peace_in_fandom_zpsgi1cqtix.png

But, by coming back to our roots (sort of, I'm deliberately forgetting Yahoo groups and such. Fortunately, I wasn't yet in fandom at the time of the logistic nightmare that were fanzines :D ), I'm hoping that I'll find again the fun of publishing blog posts, and maybe a little content. (I don't like posting content on tumblr since we lose control of it through the reblogs).
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